Ignite brilliance in your business

Learn how to expand the capabilities of your mind to perform, connect and lead brilliantly.

Benefits of Business Brilliance™ training programmes

We make mindfulness easy, relevant and powerful as a business tool.

Practical approach

Our training is designed to build mindfulness skills that you can easily integrate into your working day.


Our training is designed and delivered by professionals. You can rest assured you're being trained by the best.


Our training is designed to help you expand your workplace performance, relationships and leadership.


Years' experience




Just Notice, Connect, Inspire - and Shine!

Be Your Brilliant Self

Would you like to increase your visibility in the workplace? Would you like to bring your professional brilliance to the fore with mastery and ease?

Studying with Business Brilliance™ enables you to access, embrace and utilise aspects of your potential that are hidden from you.

When YOU see you, others see you. It's time to shine!  

Courses from Business Brilliance

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Our students have
a few nice things to say about us

"Lori provided valuable support to our staff team during an unsettling time of transition. The sessions were structured and focused, resulting in increased stability and positive forward thinking, which, given the situation was extremely valuable."
S Moody
"Once I spent some time with Lori and understood what unconscious commitment was holding me back, there was no holding me back. I am shooting forward at one heck of a pace, and my business is getting off the ground."
Lori helped me to see that my present does not define my future. My future is down to me, and Lori gave me the tools to be able to define how I want it to be and how to manifest what I want to achieve. Thank you for helping me get my sparkle back."
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